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Desc:Asians get matching tattoos of a video game character.
Category:Video Games, Horror
Tags:leagueoflegends, badtattoos, aznz
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Comment count is 10
Freeman Gordon - 2011-06-05
Urgh that shitty game has become way too popular in this shitty generation of hipsters and slackers.
Born in the RSR - 2011-06-05
It's not a bad game, it's a better version of dota, and it's free. It's not as addictive or detrimental ass mmos. And anyway this wouldn't be the first time South Koreans gamers jump the shark.

Sudan no1 - 2011-06-05
now I want to play an ass mmo.

Valkor - 2011-06-05
Oh boy.

misterbuns - 2011-06-05
love the shots of the the monster cans.

maybe they can all pass their first kidney stone together also
misterbuns - 2011-06-05
also, no AZNZ tag?
Simillion - 2011-08-24

Caminante Nocturno - 2011-06-05
Sure, but getting a fucking football team or band logo tattooed onto you is a-okay, you cold-hearted hypocrites!
Valkor - 2011-06-05
No. That is all pretty dumb too.

charmlessman - 2011-06-05
Agreed. Also pretty dumb. But, football teams don't get replaced by newer tech every 2 years. In 30 years, you can still have a Packers logo and people will know what you mean. These dumbasses are going to spend the rest of their lives explaining,"Back in 2010 there was this game my girlfriend at the time liked. It's long gone now, and so is she. This tattoo was a bad idea."

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