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Desc:Youtube calls this the 'worst playground idea ever' but I am not so sure. What about lawn darts?
Category:Accidents & Explosions, Stunts
Tags:physics, playground, spinning
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The Mothership
Oh my god that looks like fun. now hook up a motor scooter engine to it and add neds.
Oscar Wildcat
That's pretty sweet, but I can top it. There is an installation at the park in DUMBO Brooklyn that kids are supposed to play on. The pieces are metal, chrome plated, and situated at the waterfront in direct noonday sun. You can cook a hamburger on these things in August.
America loves everything about rounded corners and nerfed games for kids yet trampolines are popular and they are death traps.
Look, if this is what it takes to weed out the stupids and get natural selection back on track, I'm all for this.
Spike Jonez
I'm all for this regardless of the outcome.

I agree! we need to start murdering more children!

I'm doing my part.

I heard Obama was going to legalize late late late term abortions so get to it guys.


plz kill urself kthx

papercut_junky would be the first self-inflated asshole to be humbled like a little bitch by this thing.


yes, seriously

Because of POETV "self-inflated" has special meaning for me.

Caminante Nocturno
It looks more like a Mortal Kombat death trap than a playground toy. Some poor drunkard is going to stumble out of a bar one night, wander into this playground, and lose his head to this horrible thing.

Maybe you're suppose to grab on, then spin it. Or would that be less fun?

Oh, forgot muh stars.

There's nothing better than being totally wasted in a playground at 2 am. It's like being a kid again except this time the equipment is fun. Or in this case lethal.

What were they trying to do?

Because I really hope they succeeded.
Anything that will toss a child through the air like a rag doll will inevitably draw children that want to touch it.
My thought process was, "Wait, that looks like it would hurt", and "I want to try that!". And not in that order.

Rodents of Unusual Size
Sudan no1
"but I am not so sure"

this is why gays aren't able to adopt (sorry Xiph).
was that really necessary

Sudan no1
it's because you also posted a video about gay adoption and.. forget it

Don't know why, but this made me giggle like a shit.

How about a compromise: This thing modified to randomly lob lawn darts.
This seems safe enough to me.

I doubt any kid weak enough to get hurt by this playground equipment could hold on long enough to gain the momentum to be hurt by it when flung off.
Dr Dim
It worked for Conan
Robin Kestrel
Maybe you're supposed to spin it up, stand around it in a circle, and then toss a ball onto it.
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