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Desc:...On a different, more supportive network.
Category:News & Politics
Tags:fox, Ann Coulter, homophobia, adoption
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Comment count is 47
Born in the RSR
That fake laughter is just excruciating.
Binro the Heretic
It's indicative of someone who's abusing prescription pills.

Rodents of Unusual Size
That is exactly what I was thinking.

She is self medicating. Oh yeah.

Wait, so did she just all but admit she used to be a man?
I wish she would just so i can validate my sexual attraction to her. If she turns out to have been born a woman, it'll look like I just have bad taste in women with wretched morals.

They're the popular kids at Riverdale high
Her career is a death coil in slow motion.
Xiphias, have you ever hung out with log cabiny types? What was that like? Why are they?
completely anecdotal evidence based purely on personal experience:

-they come from extremely conservative families who may not even know they are gay
-they come from wealthier-than-average families
-they are not completely out of the closet
-they have Issues
-they're scared of Cambridge, MA because there are too many black people

(sample size: ~3)

I would say they're probably just free market types who don't feel like Democrats represent them on economic issues. Unfortunately for them Republicans have been 30 years behind on social issues for 60 years.

I'm sure most of them become Libertarians.

So basically they're like all of the neocons except a little less closeted.

That was re: xiphias' post.

Freedom is more important than where some liberal tells me I can put my penis... I guess... what...

Fatty, that's why log cabin Republicans are so awesome. They're able to put the needs of the country in front of their own. They know in times like this getting the economy on track is more important than their right to marry.

@Cena: I thought the Log Cabin Republicans *did* support gay marriage.

Robin Kestrel
The LCR are for "civil marriage equality" but stress that the Gov't cannot force religious marriage equality; that is, churches are free to refuse to perform same-sex ceremonies. I could not find their stance on church-funded schools and hospitals discriminating, but it sounds like they'd be okay with it. So yeah, they sound like Libertarians.

That doesn't sound bad at all-- I don't think there are any groups in the country, no matter how left or liberal, that think the Government should force churches to perform same sex marriage.

In my experience there is a big dose of self-loathing to go along with their economic views. It's not just about economics, it's also about self-loathing and self-hatred.

Thought experiment: if there was a political party that agreed with you 100% about taxes and business regulations but believed you were a sub-human sex monster who should be in jail forever, would you vote for them? Probably not, because statistically speaking you don't hate yourself that much.

What awful people.
If this were a more mainstream network, we'd do something stupid like actually practice journalism.
Nothing is more mainstream than Fox.

They do real journalism, but not on Sean Hannity. That show is for commentary. But as far as news reporting goes Fox is just as good as the other outlets.

Cena, you're just trollin.

Fox news isn't good enough to have on as background noise.

Trust me here. If you ignore the commentary shows and the morning show and just watch the news in the afternoon, their presentation is no different from CNN or MSNBC. Liberals cry "OMG FAUX NEWZ IS BIASSED." Because they don't understand the difference between news and commentary. Yes Bill and Sean are biased, but they aren't news anchors they're commentators.

Cena has a point, CNN and MSNBC are getting really bad.

B. Weed
"Cena has a point"

but the right hat usually covers it.

Speaking as someone with immediate family who watch ONLY Fox News morning, noon, and night: The key difference between the commentary/opinion shows is that Hannity's will lie straight to your face. During the news sections they usually stick to just being misleading, usually on the lede-in.

For example, "What do you think of the TRUTH about WATERBOARDING?!?! Story after the break!" implies some great truth about how effective waterboarding is, but the story that follows is an old interview clip where Cheney says he regrets the loss of some of the interrogation tools in the new administration.

Remember to picture this as it would be presented, with loud swooshes, and raised eyebrows from the Hot Chicks involved, and a few minor stories in between the teaser and the actual story. If you weren't paying it a critical eye, the next day you'd swear someone reputable told you waterboarding worked, especially if you wanted to believe that in the first place. Honestly, that the deftness of the regular newsday on FoxNews is regularly overshadowed by the crazies in the commentary shows is kind of a shame.

Rodents of Unusual Size
I'm more concerned with the fact that the president of their company is a paranoid freak who thinks that gay people are out to kill him.

http://lezgetreal.com/2011/05/paranoid-roger-ailes-thinks-gays -muslims-out-to-kill-him/

which may explain a lot of their commentary as it comes from up top...

All these stars are for Sean Hannity implying that Fox News is some grassroots, totally not mainstream news source.
She needs to be gang-raped and left in a country that prohibits abortions.

She needs to be ignored, and maybe someday she'll realize what kind of person she has been, and stop spreading poisonous ideas for the sake of money.

The Mothership
yes, what muffin said.

Rodents of Unusual Size
She needs a humor consultant.

"Three peanuts vere valking down die strasse..."

Eroticus E
Hey guys! It's ok to say vile, misogynistic things if they're about a conservative, right? I mean, she is a WOMAN, right? Right?

Yea and Ocyrus should cut it out too.

no that's not right at all

Caminante Nocturno
I'm not sure what that would accomplish, and I'd rather not know.

Stop being a bunch of fucking pansies.

Yeah, Gmork! You tell those people who died way back in 2011!

Chocolate Jesus
She already took an impish Goan serpent up the ass. Look it up. (Dinesh D'souza)

It's nice to see them put their differences behind them what with Hannity being the only Fox personality to ever cut Coulter off and shut off her mic during an interview for being an interminable fuckwit. But, hey..I guess one of them (or both) need that new jacuzzi, so....
YEA WHAT A STUPID QUESTION TO ASK! But what if there was a nuke about to go off in New York and we had a terrorist, but he was gay and I bet he would've like us to give abortions to the mothers of the brave men and women of these true patriotic americans who whould bravely statns up and ring the bells of freedom and warn them that they wont kill us with the deathpanels of the obamas nazi care program becasue thats not waht america was founded on and these liberals just can't stand in the light of the truth that we fight for i mean come on so HOW DO YOU ANSWER THAT LIBERALS!??!
Corpus Delectable
Five stars for you. You can't explain that.

John Holmes Motherfucker
It's like they're on a date.
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