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Desc:Military-style Japanese close combat. And some of it looks like it'd work
Category:Military, Educational
Tags:japanese, murder, knife in the face, self defence, foreplay
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Comment count is 10
phalsebob - 2006-12-08
Who'd have thought you can kill someone using only a knife.
Aelric - 2006-12-08
snake? come in, snake!?! SNAAAAAAAAKEEE!!!!!
zatojones - 2006-12-08
Surprised they didn't use a Chinese peasant as the demonstration target. Also "Boss Battle" music
athodyd - 2006-12-08
SRBtP - 2006-12-18
All of these methods tested in randomized, controlled, double-blinded trials in our Nanking labs!
Caminante - 2007-01-14
They ripped this off of Resident Evil 4.
FABIO2 - 2007-01-26
Does the "bat gun away from you" move REALLY work in real life?
petep - 2007-11-24
The idea is that, if you move the gun to where they can't reach it, there is virtually no chance that they will shoot you. I think the physics is sound?

oogaBooga - 2008-06-23
The physics are sound - the logic is flawed. Try kicking a gun away from someone and 99/100 times youll end up with a bullet in the gut.

petep - 2008-06-18
i do appreciate that they specifically train their soldiers to fake a surrender
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