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Desc:The women of Neo Detroit will tell stories about this day.
Category:Video Games, Humor
Tags:deus ex 3, bitchslapping
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Comment count is 20
Dr. Lobotomy
Several of those moves obviously have little uses in game beyond brutalizing bystanders. But choking two hookers at once? That's on a whole new level.
Videogames have really made some advances

Hookers akimbo!


The double Moe Backhand.

What a shame.
Oops. Missed the button.
I speel my dreenk
Man, I hated the first two Deus Ex games on the basis that your firearm skill points would spontaneously make bullets fly out of the barrel at a 45 degree angle if you didn't jack them up enough.

The melee combat in this game looks intricate enough as to be enjoyable.

Also, apparently this new main character knows how to regulate.
I don't know about the melee combat. It looks cool but it isn't 'combat' per se - just 'press button to flip out'.

Caminante Nocturno
This isn't really combat as much as it is aggravated assault.

Caminante Nocturno
0:56 "Just because you shattered my mandible and gave me a concussion doesn't mean you're better than me!"
MacGyver Style Bomb
So, I'm guessing they turned to Saints Row 2 for inspiration?
they used the wrong prodigy song
This game isn't even out yet. WHO IS MAKING THESE?
A preview build of the game was leaked online. Of course everyone who has played and enjoyed it will buy the full version at release.

I've downloaded cracked copies before and bought the game later.

See, it's a mater of the game being GOOD, and not fucked over by computer invasive DRM.

Now if you think I should buy shit games before trying them, and let any company fuck over my computer at their whim and/or based on how little they paid for DRM coding, you can go fuck yourself.

You don't need to download a pirate copy of a game to determine if it's good. They have these things called "demos" these days. If there is no demo and you are unsure about dropping your hard earned cash on a game, you can wait until it is cheap enough for you to not care if it turns out it isn't great.

Actually most games dont have demos "these days".

I don't want to pay anything for a shitty game, so fuck off.

Fine. You don't have to pay anything for a game you don't play.

Well, I can already tell I'm going to get the bad ending in this game.
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