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Desc:I know, dubstep, but it's actually quite a good mashup
Category:Arts, Religious
Tags:Aliens, Muppets, Radio, Sesame Street, Dubstep
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Comment count is 12
snppls - 2011-06-14
1 star boost for Sesame Street. Sesame. Sesame. Weird.
BiggerJ - 2011-06-14
Yip yip yip.



godot - 2011-06-14
radio radio



jyrque - 2011-06-14
Dubstep is terrible.
Cube - 2011-06-14
"You young whippersnappers with your music!

When we were young, we listened to real music, like gabber, Scooter and Aqua's Barbie Girl!"

fatatty - 2011-06-14
Let's all just agree that the music we like is better than Justin Berber. Let's make war against those who really deserve it.

Fatback Jack - 2011-06-14
http://tinyurl.com/69nr8e7 ??

WHO WANTS DESSERT - 2011-06-15
As a grown-ass adult, I get SO ANGRY about what kids a quarter my age are listening. just seeing the words "Justin Bieber" sends me into a rage even though I;ve never heard any of his music!!!!11111

Space Helicopter - 2011-06-14
Dubstep is retarded and that's why I love it.
OhYouMeanNancy - 2011-06-14
Agreed. Catchy, tho'- rhythmic discordance, to me, is appropriate for the times. Unfortunately, the womblike wub-wub-wub makes me sleepy, so I cannot drive to it.

Helena Handbasket - 2011-06-14
Sesame Street.
dead_cat - 2011-06-21
That was painful. I don't mean that as a critique -- it was physically painful on my ears.

Still, excellent mashup.
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