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Desc:Kids these days and their force-fields, amirite?
Category:Pets & Animals, Educational
Tags:baby, zoo, Force Field, lioness, a magical experience
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Comment count is 19
Tom Collins
The kid is apparently DELIGHTED
I like the parts where she's like "Hmm...better see if his head'll fit in my mouth."
Oscar Wildcat
Awwww Kitty!
Lion cannot eat babby, cannot suck down babby like dumpling. Babby behind window. Stupid lion, babby not food!
My local zoo doesn't let people that close to lions. even the glass is behind a rail and still many feet away.
Pussyland Park, Pansyville, USA

American Standard
We laugh. A million or so years ago, our distant ancestors just screamed, and bled, and died.

Thanks, grotesquely oversized brains!
Mother Lumper
Humanity: we subjugate everything, even ourselves.

Innocent Bystander
I find this a gripping allegory on human civilization, science and nature which works on a lot of levels.

I think she just wants to play but then again I've been known to be wrong.
lieutenant halfabeef
Everyone's misinterpreting this. She wants to raise the child. She senses no fear within him and has judged him a powerful addition to the pride.

but first she needs to slap that stupid hat off the kid.

Scrotum H. Vainglorious
Ok, let's see how it reacts to a black baby.
Dread Pirate Roberts
You got a hearty giggle out of me. Take my stars.

The Townleybomb
ear mites
Robin Kestrel
^ ROFL :D :D :D

Man, I hope that becomes a meme!

"Why isn't this working?!"
Koda Maja
Nervous laughter.
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