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Desc:Great reaction
Tags:mcdonalds, cone-ing
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Comment count is 12
the guy's reaction is funny but the concept behind it is kind of stupid.
ITT: old people
Scrotum H. Vainglorious
Let's fuck with people making minimum wage.
I think it was pretty funny. So did the guy working the window, it seems.

Yeah, it's not like he's doing anything to the drive-thru guy besides giving him an awesome story to tell. There's nothing malicious here at all.

You're both kind of horrible people.

Johnny Madhouse
I don't get the anger about this! It's a nice, quietly humorous way of making stranger's lives slightly more surreal. I'd love it if someone did this to me if I worked at a place like that.
That guy was definitely interested in learning more about coning.
Aubrey McFate
This was amusing and made some dude's dull day at a shitty job interesting! Hargle blargle hate
Gay black people are such a paradox.
Coning is worth 1 star, but that reaction was something else.
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