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Desc:Mister Nigger gives his channel to other people and is now changing his name (see first comment)
Category:Crime, News & Politics
Tags:nigger, variablast, mister nigger, name freedom
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Comment count is 10
Today I discovered this guy lives in my city (which I probably would have noticed earlier if I had watched more of his videos) when I stumbled across a court notice in a local paper about him getting a new hearing.
He wants to change his name from Mister(I) Radical Fuck Censorship Supernigger Nigger to:
David Nigger Means Human Supernigger.
I say the court not allow the name change until he can produce a suitable uniform for his new name. It must include a cape. A theme song would be nice, too.

I want to change my name to Mr. Cracker Ass Cracker Ofay Honky Stupid Crayola Face.
Caminante Nocturno
I want to change my name to Slate Bricksoul.

I want to change my name to Murder Von Rapism. I will be Mr. Supernigger's arch-enemy.

Rodents of Unusual Size
It looks like his kid drew all over him while he slept the night before and he went straight to the computer without realizing it at all.
Boomer The Dog
He lived with me for a while too, trying to get his name changed in Pittsburgh so that I could also get mine changed. He's very dedicated.

Hey Boomer, I spoke to some people about the ACLU. They go on a state by state basis, so "my" ACLU guys couldn't give me a definitive answer about your case, but you're in luck! They have a chapter right there in Pittsburgh!


If you'd be interested, you can get the complaint forms there on the website, or you can call them up toll free:


I still don't know if this is something they CAN help you with, but they don't charge anything if they decide to represent you, so it's worth a shot!

Boomer The Dog
Here's where you answered, I didn't see it right away.

Yes, I'm going to check into that, it seems like a new avenue that could be looked at, and I hadn't thought it could be possible.

Thanks so much for helping out, I still remember how this was the first site that I openly barked about being a Dog on, outside of the Furry community, and you took it seriously. That was ten years ago I think, but the old site is gone so I can't check the dates.


Anytime, Dog. They're real professional, and they deal with oddball stuff all the time. Plus you've always got activists and university types keeping tabs on the ACLU, so even if they don't win, who knows? You could score some more publicity for the cause, not just mainstream media, entertainment stuff either, like real academic attention, which I think could be a big help to you and your other dog friends. Let us know how it works out!

And if you need any character witnesses or whatever, to back you up and let the court know you're a legit trans-dog and not just some street performer, give us a bark.

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