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Desc:It don't look good. May cause you to lose faith in humanity.
Category:Horror, Crime
Tags:homeless, meth, drugs, sad, scab
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Comment count is 16
White Trash Party
All money spent on anti-drug PSAs and all they would have to do is show footage like the above.
Robin Kestrel
She has medicine for it.

She's 40.

Dear God.

She's talking to this woman like she's five years old.

Meth has turned this woman's brain into a sponge.
pyslexic dharmacist
Definitely not just meth. The mouth movements and sticking out her tongue look like tardive dyskinesia, a permanent side effect of antipsychotics.

My girlfriend is an artist, a dancer, a poetess.
Well I can't view it but I'm giving it 5 anyway because I know it has to be disgusting as hell. I pretty much live in the meth manufacturing capital of the world and see this shit a lot. My mother works at the county jail as the medical officer and she sometimes tells me about some of the most disgusting things this drug does to people.
The local police actually had a "Night of Fuck All These Meth Labs" that made me very happy.

I have my doubts about the validity of this one.
yeah this is a clip of Reno 911, Officer Dangle is just off screen.

She's never going to get better. Put her down and end this.
moral sex
Look on the bright side: she'd be a fantastic gollum impersonator.
I did meth for a couple years, and all that happened to me was that I got fat when I stopped.
Although I spent less on it than the average smoker did on smokes and I had a home to sleep in.
wtf japan
Do you have a swastika tattoo?

Even after all the terrible shit I've seen on the internet, even after living in a town dominated by meth addicts, this still made me want to cry.

I can't help by feel awful for this woman. I wish her the best.

Five for pure, unfiltered evil.
I'd it it.

With bricks.
it it? You on meth or something?

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