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Desc:All the magic of the original, now with genuine cat
Category:Pets & Animals
Tags:CATegory, yay cats wooooooooooo, nyan, poptart
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Comment count is 11
jyrque - 2011-06-18
YT comments on this one are a full explosion of retardation.
memedumpster - 2011-06-20
Cat: The fuck is this sorcery?
Aztecius 3 days ago 75

Sundry - 2011-06-18
Even with the looping, this cat had a lot of patience.
duck&cover - 2011-06-18
He's thinking, What going on? Why is this happening to me?

klingerbgoode - 2011-06-18
That cat is flying high.
Jericho - 2011-06-18
Juice Eggs McKenna - 2014-12-03
The rainbow is upside down!

RocketBlender - 2011-06-18
Needs the video progress bar from the original.
TheSupafly - 2011-06-19
Who else thought the cat was dead for the first 30 secs or so?
Toenails - 2011-06-19
Is this thing over yet?
glasseye - 2011-07-12

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