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Desc:One of the stranger Brave and the Bold moments.
Category:Cartoons & Animation, Humor
Tags:batman, Aquaman, sitcom, pruitts of southampton
Submitted:B. Weed
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Comment count is 18
This is superior to the comics version of Aquaman in every way. In the comics:

- Arthur Jr. was killed at about the age of five, by Black Manta. Suffocated the kid to death, in-panel.

- Aquaman is moody at best, and his hand got either cut or chewed off, depending. (He was dead for a while too, but unlike his son he got better.)

- Mera has been insane, she's tried to kill Aquaman, and any love she has for him is tinged with contempt and/or grief.
His family seems to hate his jolly ass in this version, too. Except Aqualad, who just died.

There was a brief period of bad assery during the beard era... but this is by leaps and bounds a much better version.

B. Weed
xeno: They did an earlier BatB ep with his family, which established that a) Mera loves her husband but is a bit exasperated with his running off to go crimefighting and b) Arthur Jr. is your basic sullen teen who thinks his dad's kind of a dork (but the crimefighting's actually kinda cool).

The Joker always schedules some sort of submarine robbery for Tuesdays. He likes to be accommodating.
He's a good guy, that Joker.

Black Manta is such a passive aggressive neighbor. I'll bet he lets the ocean current push in the seaweed from his octopus garden into Arthur's yard.
The sexiest Aquaman ever.
Rodents of Unusual Size
I like the harpoon arm with the detachable harpoon on a rope Aquaman from the Justice League a bit more, but this is still...you know I'm not even sure what this was but it's definitely five stars.
B&B Aquaman is pure joy. Consider:


Jet Bin Fever
This is by far the best version of Aquaman in existence.
Caminante Nocturno
He's like a perfect balance between Useless Superfriends Aquaman and Capable Justice League Aquaman.
If I remember correctly there was a whole musical episode with Neil Patrick Harris as the Music Meister.

This is a good show.
Brave and the Bold is like a love letter to Jack Kirby and the Gold and Silver age comics.

Find "The Battle of the Superheroes!" and count the references. It's staggering.
A.k.a. the "Superdickery" episode. A solid command of superdickery.com will help immensely.

B. Weed
Yes it is. And I'm wondering why CN is putting episodes on iTunes instead of just airing them. If their aim is to drive viewers away from their channel, then bully for them.

Why do they have stairs underwater?
Spongebob Squarepants called.

He said to stop killing all the plot devices.

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