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Desc:If you have a youtube grabber, use it. This is amazing.
Category:Religious, Crime
Tags:Scientology, cults, we stand tall
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that boat, ohhh the stories of that boat...with Captain Elron!
I'm on a laptop that's not mine right now. But it has firefox so I went ahead and got the video (480p). Will go ahead and load it up on my Youtube account once it's done loading.
Alright. Got it and posted it as unlisted so it should at least last a few days before Scientology gets wind of it and pulls it down.

Aubrey McFate
This is the whitest thing I have ever seen.

Oscar Wildcat
Asmatic dwarves, stand tall! Hey, doesn't Mike Rinder look like Ned Flanders in this clip?
I'm not sure what's so incredible about the video, but five stars for the annotations. I learned all sorts of scary things!
Scrotum H. Vainglorious
They seem like such nice people. Dunno why Scientology gets such a bad rap.
Most of the lower echelon people actually are pretty nice, genuinely want to help people, and for some reason find that Scientology is working for them in the short term.
It's once they hit that point in the church that they realize they've been robbed by a cult whose inner beliefs are as stupid as a pulp fiction sci-fi novel that their "fight or fight" instincts kick in and they either leave the church disgusted and embarrassed or do what most religious people do and violently rebel against their own reason and consciousness and convince themselves that having put this much money and effort into it, Scientology HAS to be good and doing something productive, right? So..they become bitter, twisted, angry, sociopaths mercilessly defending their horrible life decisions to the point of assaulting people and committing crimes to do so. Once they reach point where they themselves are actually profiting from the CoS, their desire to defend these beliefs is even stronger.

Oscar Wildcat
Don't enturbulate the clams, Scrote.

What's the highest level SP you reachd? I'm SP3.

split tail
Excuse me...
Who's new to Scientology?
That was glorious.
I hope this wasn't meant for me to see. I hope this is some kind of inner sanctum of Scientology material meant to boost morale. I hope they don't want me to know how embarrassing and stupid this is. That's what rustles my jimmies.
Click through and read the uploader's full description. That's exactly what this is.

Invisible bonus stars for the annotated rave around 2:30.

What a better world this would be if the worst that could be said of Scientology was that they made some terrible music videos in the 90's.

Side note: what on earth is David Miscavige wearing? Is that a Stargate?
One of the few times where annotations should be left on.
That guy
Yeah, how rare is that?
Every click-through annotation is amazing.

Rodents of Unusual Size
Can we have an "inspiring the retarded" tag?

Also, sing it, Kip from Napoleon Dynamite!

This is giving me flashbacks to growing up Pentacostal. It's like they just copy and pasted the entire organizational aspects and replaced the subject matter with Xenu.

And, bonus meaningless trophies! God look at the size of them. Here, grandma, you get a trophy! And all it cost you was your house and family! All right! Awesome!
Rodents of Unusual Size
Holy SHIT this


I'm so excited!
And I just can't hide it!
But I audit myself against my reactive mind and start the destimulation process!

"See there at 5:00? Bob was wearing that shirt again."
"I know, I know. He's got a closet full of the things."

And white people sure do love trophies, don't they?
Robin Kestrel
Wow, they sure are into it, aren't they?
Billy the Poet
Shit, if Scientology worked, I'd still stay out if it made me look like those people.
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