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Desc:Terrifying woman dispenses clumsy innuendos while cooking with way too much man-crack. NSFW.
Category:Horror, Educational
Tags:beefcake, cooking show, EIT, unfortunately-named mixed drink time!, not the good kind of cougar attack
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Comment count is 14
Maybe not the best scenario to serve a bacon dish.

Cooking with Blanche Devereaux.
Why did it start with the Night Court theme?
Start by wiping down the cooking area with a male stripper's ass. Because gastroenteritis and Hep A are great ways to keep off the calories gained from eating.

The Mothership
"You want more?"

"Oh yea I want all of this cream."

"You want it all?"

The Mothership
oh, and stars.

"Another case of..." *glasses* "...FECAL ALCOHOL SYNDROME."

Billy the Poet
You got tendencies, brother, but that ain't one of them.
If they weren't gay before, they were by the time this was over.
5 for the pale scottish guy who isn't even in remarkably good shape. I'm guessing he was just a camera man or something.
He is the most attractive man in all of Scotland, or so the literature read.

Jet Bin Fever
He's there for the ladies that like an accent and don't care what it's attached to.

How could something apparently intended for straight, lonely housewives be so... GAY?
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