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Desc:Smells like a viral ad, but it's still funny.
Category:Advertisements, Humor
Tags:Camera, seagull
Submitted:Robin Kestrel
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Scrotum H. Vainglorious
I bet this is the same one that Violent J rapped about in Miracles.
Yet another very appropriate submitter name.
Seagull stole GoPro™ video camera (not an ad)
"Hello everyone. I didnt use a helicopter. And this is not advertising. It's a true story. I dont care if you believe me. I was just at the right time at right place and it was a coincidence. Seagull flown so far, it's only effect of fisheye. The bird flew basically just around the corner."

Yeah, no. That's a 200-300 dollar camera that's meant to be mounted on something far heavier than a seagull could carry (I've wanted one for a helmet cam for my motorcycle for a while now). You don't buy a GoPro unless you're going to strap it to something and hoon around.

And why would he be taping a building at night at knee level before setting it down? In front of a bird.

How would he have known where the bird went to retrieve it? It was nighttime.

The few bits of cinematography are also too good to believe. A dutch shot of the bird for a good few seconds before nothingness? Sure.

This is clearly viral, but not even good enough to be a proper viral video for the product. Fuck it, and fuck GoPro, I'm going to get a Chinese piece of shit in retaliation for this. At 1/5 the cost as well, with a firmware upgrade.

This makes me more angry than it should.
Jet Bin Fever
I think you care a little too much about the authenticity of these things. As long as they're not selling anything and they're clever/interesting, I don't care if these videos are faked.

my insomnia-addled mind tried to parse the title as something about Steven Seagal
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