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Desc:Is that Sarah Haskins?
Category:Video Games, Accidents & Explosions
Tags:offensive, Duke Nukem Forever, Sarah Haskins?
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groupie bang bang
Comment count is 15
I'll go ahead and offset Caminante's vote before going for pizza and beer. See ya'll!
I can't figure out which one Rocket thinks might be Sarah Haskins, so Caminante should be fine.

Adham Nu'man
What the fuck is wrong with poetv lately?

Just because something is "a joke" it's not automatically funny.
rocketblender is the worst submitter ever and there has been an influx of children


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calm down, the shitstorm will pass soon enough

Well I got me an average of 4.72. And this video sucks.

whoa I'm 4.89! I'M THE SHIT!

I thought the joke was funny but the terrible acting just sucked the funny out for me.

poorwill being one of the children

Shame on me, posting a video game video chairs doesn't like. Next time, I'll make sure my VG submissions are giant penis warcraft videos. My bad.

Adham Nu'man
RocketBlender I don't hate you, but this video just sucks.

No, that's Sarah Schneider.
I was prepared to rage and refer to them as stupid bitches, and rattle on about how they shouldn't play the piece of shit if they're so offended by it, instead of trying to give meaning to their pointless lives by getting up in arms over something as trivial as a game.

And I know they're all following a script, but in a reasonable world these would be the real criticisms leveled against a truly crappy game such as DNF.

Then again, in a reasonable world people probably couldn't accept enough money to work on such a game, but eh, details.

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