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poorwill - 2011-07-01

Not very funny or interesting.

Tomas - 2011-07-01

Fists of fun!

*pause VCR, slow motion forward, try and read the text through the tracking warping shit*

riedquat - 2011-07-01


Mancakes - 2011-07-01

Yes, they're wishing death and suffering to others at every moment. Great "satire", and thanks for the death of humor.

Born in the RSR - 2011-07-01

Have you ever watched Top Gear? Have you even watched the clip?

Andonyx - 2011-07-01

Yeah it was hilarious when they broke completely from their "cars made by x nationality drive like this" gag to mask their racism, and simply came out and actually called Mexican people lazy, feckless ne'er do wells. And Hammond didn't even have to wait for Jeremy to do it, he led the charge down ignorant bigotry lane.

Pretty much every criticism this man has is spot on, he doesn't even need to exaggerate, because Hammond and Clarkson are actually the pig ignorant vapid talking heads that he makes them out to be.

(In full disclosure, I kind of like May's other shows.)

Mancakes - 2011-07-01

Casual racism and political incorrectness is Clarkson's tired old shtick and Hammond is a weak secondary character in the show, that hardly needs explaining and much less needs a 15 minute comedy routine.

Even less needing of a shitty, viciously hyperbolic one where the joke, and I use that word in the loosest sense possible, is explained.

He's not wrong, he's just crap.

Mancakes - 2011-07-01

I'd also talk about the "only a joke" satirical side of this, but I'm not bothering to watch it again.

Analyzing humor is stupid, let's stop here.

Paracelsus - 2011-07-01

Actually it's something called 'irony,' and whether you agree with him or not he makes a good but debatable point about how and why we accept certain kinds of speech in some contexts and not others. I mean, he really overexplains it, but them's the jokes.

memedumpster - 2011-07-01

I enjoyed this.

Clarkson is the only time I've ever heard the work "pikey" outside of Snatch.

Wander - 2011-07-01

I think this is a dupe, but what a great set.

deadpan - 2011-07-01

This is only half of the bit. There's the whole involved anecdote about how Stewart Lee knew Richard Hammond in school and what a cowardly little shit he was back then (with surprise twist ending).

boner - 2011-07-01

Stewart Lee is one of the funniest people consistently described as unfunny.

Sundry - 2011-07-02

It felt to me like the bit with Seinfield talking about airplane peanuts.

A sense that I understood and agreed with a lot of what he said, but that his presentation was not funny. And the part about how Awful the Top Gear presenters are for mocking Gordon Brown's one eye was just unfunny and too long just to point out that Hammond had a moment in which he expressed laughter and regret about his laughter at the same time.

So I am stuck with the impression that Stewart is quite smart but I just don't find him funny. So three stars for something I found, subjectively, lame.

Then again I have the bias that I am completely aware of Top Gear's bullshit but I still love it like the circus act it is.

Syd Midnight - 2011-07-04

There's a degree of dark cynicism in British humor that often makes Americans think "This sucks" instead of "I don't get this" because those phrases mean the same thing to us.

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