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Desc:in which sifian admits to 'viewing hentai with intent' 3 times per day.
Category:Accidents & Explosions, Horror
Tags:Anime, hentai, poor life choices, sifian, annoy caminante week
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Comment count is 17
Let that inner turmoil spill out.
He's not fat, he's at least a 6.5 on the 10 scale, why does he need cartoon porno?
because he has the world's most annoying voice? Second maybe after Bon Iver.

Jack Dalton
Probably because hentai is the only legal outlet for his deviant sexual proclivities. Also, he's super creepy--and has a youtube channel dedicated to what he's currently gratifying himself to.

Because he's a gross creep.

Jack Dalton
He's probably more like a .5 out of 10... 6 point deduction for being gross and a creep. I'm not really sure what .5 would translate to in PoE terms...somewhere between VampiricSpektor and Fatman... his peer might be TFLBill.

Man, this guy is waving his freak flag, at least.
Poor guy. Fucking jobs ruin everything, amirite?
I watched maybe a million hours of porn and I still can't figure out why people think it's addictive.
Well, showing your face after making all those videos took guts, I guess. It also required the opposite of common sense.
What's his whole swallowing issue? A tick?
The Townleybomb
It's because he drools too much when he thinks about his stash.

Scrotum H. Vainglorious
Scared shitless about a SWAT team breaking down his door any minute now.

Christ, at least Chris-Chan (arguably) doesn't know better.
I can't imagine where people get the idea that porn is wrong and will ruin your life.
If you think you're watching too much porn, you should find another outlet for your sexual needs...like a hobby, or a job.
Jet Bin Fever
God, this is getting more and more depressing.
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