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Desc:She's into magic and looks awesome!
Category:Fashion, Religious
Tags:Blackmagickbarbie, left hand path, dropping off or picking up
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Comment count is 15
No less batshit than any other religious zealot.
Hugo Gorilla
A wiccan pagan, satan-worshipping objectivist. Salacious.
She also follows every form of voodoo apparently, and like fifteen other things on top of that.

She could have saved a lot of time by just saying "Hi! I belong to EVERY religion! Except the mainstream ones. EW."

Born in the RSR
I'd hit that.
Not if she casts Lesser Globe of Invulnerability.

yours ^

Just don't piss her off or you'll find chicken bones and burnt sage in your corn flakes.

I, too, am very much about the goat action.

With much experience, I learned that chicks like this are all show and no go. Rockabilly chicks are the worst.

Opera singers on the other hand...

pffft, I'm a level 18 inquisitor. Unless she is a demi-goddess or some shit she getting dispelled.

I wish every chick who read Ayn Rand was like this. Most of them are just shooting for a marketing director position at Aveda.
I just love the way she looks, her spirituality is bonus.
she looks like Chris Tucker in The 5th Element. Maybe that's your thing but it would bother me.

I love really hot crazy girls. They tear you up in bed.
Robin Kestrel
Is that a hotel or a dorm room? It seems odd that everything is so bland and unpersonal, assuming that is her room.
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