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Desc:Luke 17:34
Category:Religious, Educational
Tags:Westboro Baptist Church, wbc, thunderf00t, 2men1bed, lost cause
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Comment count is 10
Bort - 2011-07-12
The one thing I'll give the Westborians some small credit for is, two people sleeping in the same bed may or may not imply sex, and familiarity with the culture would be required to assess the claim. Though I would guess Thunderf00t has checked it out more thoroughly than Shouty Lady did.
kamlem - 2011-07-12
Leviticus 20:13 "If a man also lie with mankind, as he lieth with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination: they shall surely be put to death; their blood shall be upon them."

No mention of sex there. What are these perverted, filthy-minded, deviant ladies so excited about?

Bort - 2011-07-12
That's not really the same thing, though, is it? That passage is very clearly about men interacting with men the way they would with women. There's some kind of interaction going on, unlike the other passage, where it doesn't describe any sort of interaction.

I tend to trust Thunderf00t more than the other two, but it is nonetheless strange that Thunderf00t is the first person ever to find evidence that Jesus spoke of gay men like it was no big thing.

kamlem - 2011-07-13
"it is nonetheless strange that Thunderf00t is the first person ever to find evidence that Jesus spoke of gay men like it was no big thing."

I hadn't thought about it before, but there are quite a few soulsearchers and torturous apologetic arguments to be found with a google search.

I understand your point about Leviticus 20:13, but if the specific mention of fucking is so important then perhaps, in the spirit of logic and reason, the two ladies should... ah, forget about it.

On an unrelated note, it looked like the ladies were wearing mens clothing in that video., Scandal!

misterbuns - 2011-07-12
Why is he barking back at these dogs?
Post - 2011-07-12
Ok.....ya. Very patient man. The lady in the middle is just a resentful old hateful bitch. She insults him and belittles his maturity and knowledge any chance she gets. She controlled his speech, she never let him finish a statement or question. She actually commanded him to let the younger girl finish her statement when not 30 seconds ago he couldn't even get a word out because she was too busy calling him a little girl.

I would have punched her in the face about 5 minutes in.
charmlessman - 2011-07-12
He really should have given her a, "HUSH! I'm not done."

takewithfood - 2011-07-12
Pretty humiliating for everyone involved.
CJH - 2011-07-12
Didn't Thunderf00t learn from his Ray Comfort debacle that debating religious crazies to their face is not quite a easy as making online videos? Does he really think calm, rational thought is going to win an argument against a lifetimes worth of bottled up ignorance and rage? There's a reason most successful atheist debaters are widely considered to be arrogant douches: that's the best counter against moronic fervor.
Ocyrus - 2011-07-13
I guess there is no god, because he still hasn't answered my prayers to kill these people.
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