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Desc:Because God did such a great job of fixing Texas's rain woes.
Category:Religious, Horror
Tags:crazy, Texas, christians, Rick Perry, lying for jesus
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Comment count is 10
http://www.secular.org/blogs/mike-meno/bizarre-hateful-rhetoric-ri ck-perrys-rally-supporters-video

They couldn't fit all the crazy into this one video.
We need to throw all these fucking people to Voltron.
Shocking plot twists like these can only be done justice by the 60's Batman narrator:

WHAT'S THIS? A deadly diva, devilishly devising a dark and dastardly demonic doing? Can the Dynamic Duo defeat her devious, duplicitous deeds before they diminish or destroy democracy?


^^^^^ Shit.

This shit wouldn't fly even in the Batman serial:

Riddler: Riddle me this Batman! What hundred-ton woman changes color, has only moved once, and is a symbol of demonic possession?

Batman: ...well I would have said the Statue of Liberty, but that last part makes no sense.

Riddler: Solve this one then if you can! Who works to further supreme evil by being a decent generous person, seeking to better the world and themselves without imposing harm on others!

Batman: No-one you idiot, it makes no sense. Whatever new medication they've got you on is clearly making things worse.

Riddler: He's a conundrum even you can solve bat-brain! What does Damian Wayne have in common with mysterious bird deaths, last April's stock market crash, and my sister Jackie announcing she's lesbian? That's right, they all resulted from sex with a D.E.M.O.N.! All the answers are there if you read your Bible!

Batman: Stop messaging me you fruitcake.

You know, for all the "look at who he associated with decades ago!" crap the GOP threw around about Obama, they sure do love to ignore the complete space-cases and fundie hate-mongers their candidates and elected officials keep company with and take money from.
Gov. Brownback (KS) agreed to attend the rally.


Frankly, I'm going to be glad to see him leave the state for a while and I couldn't have been more disappointed with him than I already am anyways.
Well, "disappointed" is a strong word.

But, in this case, it's just not strong enough when I already had such low expectations of him.

Jet Bin Fever
Whole lotta crazy goin' on!
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