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Desc:Nightmare fuel.
Tags:my little pony, nightmare fuel, friendship is magic
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Did they make them do this before mercifully ending their lives?
Rodents of Unusual Size
Dear Princess Celestia.

Well, today is our first day in Gluetown. Why did you send us here, anyway? Apparently, there is a glue factory here. All the more ability for us to make the world, well, sparkle I suppose!

I cannot help but be slightly concerned, though, since all of us were expecting to be met by pony stem cell doctors and instead we were transported to a strange barn that smells like burnt wood.
And we don't even have room service. Thankfully, Fluttershy's wings still work but since the rest of us had a tree fall on us, it looks like we'll be taking wagon rides until your associates can magically patch us right up!

Your faithful, all too trusting servant,

Twilight Sparkle

Bill Clinton tried to warn them.

Has there ever been a good live show based on a cartoon? It seems like the better the cartoon is, the more abominable the unnecessary stage version.

There's a way to fix this one, though: Ponies on ice. It'll be the most awkward, flailing thing you ever saw, and no one will get out without a compound fracture.
Apparently you've never seen the wonder that is Pokemon Live.

Then by your logic this live show should be awesome.

Emerson's text on friendship is no talent drivel compared to the glory of this.
This low budget crap? Where's the other three ponies? Where's Apple Jacks hat? This is crap done wrong.

Caminante Nocturno
It would take millions of dollars, yards of cable, and dozens of operators to properly build and operate Apple Jack's hat.

Wow, I... don't actually know any of the names of the ponies... bro.

Well you're better off for that memedumpster. Now don't confuse my rudimentary knowledge of My Little Pony with bronyism. As you know I am not an ignorant man. Granted the fact that My Little Pony is for little girls is reason enough for me to hate it, I still needed to do some investigation to realize what a steaming pile of shit it truly is. Now I come out from my research not only having my views affirmed, but now I also understand my enemies far better. Knowing the bronies will help me convert some of them back to men.

wtf japan
Cena Mark hates little girls and is on a mission to pray the neigh away.

You're not foaling me, Cena. I doubt a non-brony would raise the issue of Applejack's missing hat.

Its called attention to detail, and I hate Applejack the least.

My favorite is Rarity.

I hate Rarity the most.

Her breakdown in Suited For Success is one of the best moments in the show.

I didn't see that one I could only handle so much of that crap when doing my research. But I'm sure that part was stupid and gay.

Kind of odd that their arms are basically doing nothing inside their giant heads. I'd have engineered some mouth movements or blinking or something, so the puppet isn't so freakishly unexpressive.
Somewhere, middle aged men are sitting in a dark room enjoying the hell out of this. Some of them even paid to see it.

It took me between when this was first submitted and sobering up this morning to accept that.
I won't be a dick and one star the clip, but I can't even watch this ironically. I got to "Well, hello everypony" and I was done.

Why couldn't they have brought back Rainbow Brite instead?
One talking unicorn accompained by humans isn't nearly furry enough when you have a franchise with an all-equine cast.

Gotta know your audience, man.

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