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Desc:...because a woman who was high thought she looked like Casey Anthony. Allegedly.
Category:Classic TV Clips, Crime
Tags:drugs, Oklahoma, vigilante justice, casey anthony, trending
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Comment count is 20
Screw it. We've been fighting the inevitable too long. Bring on the bread and circuses to appease the angry masses. If we're Rome in its last days, lets go whole hog and let Goldman-Sachs sponsor throwing mortgage defaulters to the lions when Donald Trump gives the thumb of death. I figure I can at least get in some hedonism before the Christians finish taking over and it all comes tumbling down.

Hey, unemployed people! Free bread!

And everything went smoothly.

Caminante Nocturno
We've permanently fused our justice system with our entertainment industry, so we've already got that aspect of an empire in twilight covered.

This news report doesn't reflect the country.

It reflects Oklahoma.

Caminante Nocturno
I'm afraid it does.

How the FUCK did you call that one. IrishWhiskey by day, time traveling misanthrope by night.

Prickly Pete
It has come out now that she was lying about this, and the attacker never made a Casey Anthony connection. Idk why.
Prickly Pete
Actually it seems more confusing than that. The police report makes no mention of the attacker saying anything about Casey Anthony, and now the victim says, "They played it out to make it seem like it happened to me because I look like Casey Anthony. I never said I look like Casey Anthony and the lady never said I look like Casey Anthony." What does she mean "They played it out to seem like it"? The literally said that.


What a bunch of Casey Anthonies.

Sudan no1
The victim's daughter is also named Caylee? Yeah fuck this country.
She looks exactly like Casey Anthony.

Also, I would totally wreck Lacie Lowry.
waiting for the follow up story where you get caught breaking into the news van to try to sniff her car seat.

Caminante Nocturno

Jet Bin Fever
Makes it more realistic!

It was just a crazy criminal who attacked someone to "save babies". The only person who mentioned Casey Anthony was a bystander.
Robin Kestrel
Yeah, and the victim is now saying the reporters invented the rest.

Sammay Blackwell said "They played it out to make it seem like it happened to me because I look like Casey Anthony. I never said I look like Casey Anthony and the lady never said I look like Casey Anthony."

In the police report, there is no indication of the Casey Anthony resemblance. Who knows why the woman took it in her head to ram her.

We'd need to know just what she was on at the time to make an educated guess about that.

Cuz babies be da only ting dat aint do nuttin to nobody.
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