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Desc:Quick, someone get the rights to Dick's estate away from his daughter before more of this happens.
Category:Arts, Horror
Tags:Phillip K Dick, PKD, alanis morisette, valis, radio free albemuth
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Comment count is 10
James Cameron should have made this for 0 million in 3D.
Born in the RSR
Of all PKD's writings this is the worst one to adapt into a movie. It's an insane man novelizing his descent into insanity, and hamming it up on top of it.

I'm not saying it's bad, but it will only hook you if you're a fanboy, which I am.


Can't be worse than Screamers.
The correct answer to worst PKD sci-fi adaptation is "Imposter".

I've tried to read the Valis trilogy, but I can't work my way through the first chunk because the self inserted crazy becomes really concentrated and uninteresting.

I like Philip K Dick, but he also beat the fuck out of his paranoid reality dead horse by this stage of his work.

Screamers was at least a mildly entertaining, cheesy sci-fi sort of thing, despite having almost nothing to do with the source material.

Paycheck on the other hand....

Since nobody's mentioning it, I'm guessing you guys wisely avoided Adjustment Bureau.

Screamers was awesome and the writing it was based on barely qualified as a story.

You can't do that on television.
Cheetah panties - can't be too bad
This is the worst PKD novel you could ever make into a movie. Even PKD probably wouldn't have wanted it published. In fact, he pretty much didn't, which is why he re-wrote it into VALIS and published that instead.
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