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Desc:the Maxx
Category:Classic TV Clips
Tags:maxx, hero, Australia
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Comment count is 10
Five for Maxx, five for this clip (always loved the "For her I can be a HERO!" line!) but almost four for 'Total Video Converter' in the corner. If the conditions of using a trial version is an annoying watermark in the corner, please buy the fucking software.
The Maxx always gets 5 stars. *sigh* Yes, kids... I remember when MTV was cool...

I am the Crapon, and this is MY show.

The Mothership
Auto-5 for Maxx, bonus for Izs, over the top for rabbit-crab.
Clearly, you meant to type 'crabbit'.

The Mothership
oh right........yes. I did know that, honest.

I absolutely hated the way this show just cut off and never finished itself.

It was awesome aside of that though.
to be fair, the direction the comics went after the series would never have worked on television.

I hear you, but the somewhat hopeful ending of the show is a good time to end it. I'm not sure how they would have handled what happened in the comics after it.

Hell, Maxx barely even shows up after that point.

Of course there's plenty of foreshadowing for the second half that shows up in the first part that made it into the show but never went anywhere. But out of context it just seemed like the kind of screwball humor that made the show so memorable anyway.

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