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Desc:She was right all along.
Category:Fashion, Crime
Tags:Jesuits, Gabrielle Chana, breaking the fourth wall, www.orderofthejesuits.com
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Comment count is 10
superotter77 is publicly goading a clinical paranoid schizophrenic. and i'm ok with that.
"... drugged and raped to steal his semen.... wait a minute theyre twisting the dates around here"
the target list
Oh man, she pimps Jack Chick too.
needs "A genetic masterpiece built nucleotide by nucleotide to be the most murderous, calculating cockblocker in the history of bioengineering" tag

this entire rant would make an excellent ringtone
that line needs to be sampled and used in some industrial song, STAT


is it still breaking the fourth wall if you do it from the outside in?
Robin Kestrel
"It seemed, that every where I moved, the Jesuits flooded in their agents as my neighbors, so that by the time a year rolled by, all my neighbors seemed criminals who trashed out the apartment complex, as they dumped filthy smells and liquids into the garbage dumpsters and scattered papers and cigarette butts about the pavements and walkways, so that even upper class Mukilteo, Washington turned into a trash bin to support the Jesuitsí goals to create the impression of Gail as a garbage woman who lived in dumpster neighborhoods."

You know, if I were Brent Spiner, I'd be very fucking afraid.
I wish she would do a video about poeTV.
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