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Desc:'It's like they never left.'
Category:Cartoons & Animation, Humor
Tags:Beavis and Butthead, MTV, hospital
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Comment count is 36
Yes please!
Even Beavis and Butthead are too smart to enjoy Jersey Shore.
I am pleased with this. bring me more!
MacGyver Style Bomb
Okay, I fucking lost it at 3:52.
Innocent Bystander
4:02 for me.

I laughed. Multiple times.

It makes me sad to know this will go off the air after one new season. It's so true to the original series.
Kids today...

Welcome back boys. Welcome the fuck back.
Hillarious. I don't remember the banter being this witty 20 years ago, but then again, it was 20 years ago and my memory isn't so good.
Born in the RSR
The first decade of the 2000s was sorta like the 80s, then we're starting the new 90s right now. Makes sense for them to be back.
God, I hope it's the new 90's. We need more movies of people in trenchcoats getting into fights on rooftops.

Yeah, school shootings were pretty fun!

Stigmatata for Titicaca.

Did Beavis just say "DTF"?
20 years later?
Come to Butthead.
I'll admit to being quite skeptical about B&B's return, but I was pleasantly surprised. Beavis' voice sounds a bit different, tho.
Puberty's a bitch

Mike Judge hasn't done the voice in years, so his Beavis is a little rusty.

His Beavis changed dramatically over the course of B&B: TOS anyway. He's a dynamic character.

Seeing them watching Jersey Shore, i hope every single parent who complained about B&B when they came out realize how low television has gone, and how much lower it will go.
and yes, this was too perfect, somebody pinch me.

Macho Nacho
B&B just seem so more refined compared to Jersey Shore and the other schlock on today's television.
Rodents of Unusual Size
And Beavis and Butthead just rocketed past the Simpsons to become a thousand times funnier and more edgy. But then so could a bingo game.

"That's how she answers the phone."

This is more than we deserve.
Big Muddy
Shit the bed Stewart, you couldn't be bothered to update your tee by now? I saw a White Lion shirt for at Disk Jockey.

Big Muddy
Yeah I meant that as a reply ROUS, or should I say Stewart?

It's like when Pixies regrouped. :/

On repeated viewings, turns out I was wrong. I've been hurt before and I think I was being cautious.

"This is like a family tree if your family was made of whores.
If they write it out long enough, they can find where herpes began."

10 stars (five + five ghost stars).
This struck me as strangely intellectual for something that Butthead would say.

I mean, compared to a girl making a "hook up board" based on swapping spit.

Will they be able to say "Fire" again? I trust no asstard children will burn their trailers down this time.
Syd Midnight
Well I'll be damned. That didn't suck!
Wonko the Sane
I'm curious to see if proto Hank Hill will return, or if it will just be regular hank.
The Mothership
Beavis and Butthead were harbingers, and still are.
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