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Desc:Dance! Dance for our amusement!
Category:Pets & Animals, Horror
Tags:Squid, WTF Japan, Putting the e in poetv, dancing sushi
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Comment count is 23
Born in the RSR
So they chopped of the top part of it's head and now they're dowsing it in boiling oil so that it's spasms of agony can entertain us before it can be eaten.

Don't we have a "putting the E in POEtv" tag? Or something to that effect?

I'm unclear if its just the salt in the sauce that is making the legs twitch, or if there is something more (and more evil) going on here.

the squid is definitely dead. stop being outraged by things just because they look gross.

Born in the RSR
If its already dead i retract my outrage.

It's definitely the salt from the soy sauce. Same thing happens when you salt frog legs.

Dr. Lobotomy
Watch "how to eat live squid" in the related videos before using anything close to "definitely dead/the salt"

I have a feeling it's the salt too, like in that eel video.

pretty sure it was butchered alive for the nerve response to be that strong.

doesn't look like the brain was damaged in the butchering process, so depending on how quickly this was served it either suffocated/'bled' to death before the sauce, or sometime after.

This eel video?


tappa tappa tappa
Gallows humour is the best humour.

Dread Pirate Roberts
That was way too disturbing for me. Congrats POE. :(
Scrotum H. Vainglorious
Gagh is best served alive.
Food AND entertainment - that's Japanese hospitality.
My Japanese wife took one look at this and said "Gross. People in Hokkaido eat some weird shit."

The Townleybomb
It's nanerpuss!
Ghost stars pour vou.

This needs the nanerpuss tag.

Caminante Nocturno

When the eight-legged ones achieve sapience, their justice will be horrifying to behold.

Robin Kestrel
That is NOT food.
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