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Desc:some more gameplay this time
Category:Video Games
Tags:video games, saints row
Submitted:Esperma de Mutante
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Comment count is 12
I like the humor and style so far, I just hope they don't over-emphasize the 'wacky' part. A sense of humor is good, but Saints Row 2 worked for much the reason Vice City did. It was gritty and violent, but instead of brooding over the brutality, or turning it into slapstick farce, your character was an amiable, likable, selfish sociopath.

The old Yahtzee comparison to a Batman villain is spot on. You slash throats and burn down orphanages, but you always do it for a twisted purpose and with a sense of fun, rather than just being a dour killer or chaotic hooligan.

Have you seen any other material fo this game? There's a car with a cannon on top of it that can suck in pedestrians and shoot them. In co-op, you can jump in the cannon yourself and let your friend shoot you over the city. You faceplant people for the fun of it and irish jig while prostitutes cheer you on.

All of that falls within my acceptable level of wacky.

...look my standards may be perverse, but I still have them, alright?

Born in the RSR
I would rate the video but the submitter's name deserves my stars.
Shanghai Tippytap
so im recruited by christian audiger to recover the worlds sickest belt buckle
Fuck consoles and their shitty fucking graphics.
Except the video is almost certainly from the PC version.

But don't worry. Your mistake didn't make the comment 'that' much dumber than it already was.

I love how "hardcore" gamers seesaw between complaining about how games focus too much on graphics and not enough on innovation, then on how the graphics on [platform of choice] are superior.

hardcore gamers? More like hardcore cocksuckers!

I'm rather impressed with the game's "items to the crotch" mechanic.
Separate testicle mechanics - powered by Havok.

Fingers crossed for both jiggly boob physics and jiggly junk physics.

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