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Desc:...a film by Todd Solondz.
Category:Horror, Accidents & Explosions
Tags:schizophrenia, Jesuits, Gabrielle Chana, anti-social engineering, a troll too far
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Comment count is 23

and my lunch.
Just by looking at her suscribers in yt you can see one with a Mudkipz avatar, if only this woman understood anything about the internets....or about not being crazy.

Just found this. A pretty artless video styled after the orderofthejesuits website.

No subtly. Not much content. If they are going to be this sloppy even a schizophrenic will be able to figure them out.
If I were in my fifties, I gotta admit, I'd consider it.
"My abdomen is a little bloated right now because I'm on treatment to kill yeast (I have a systemic yeast infection), and I'm allergic to yeast toxin. Yeast, when they die, release a toxin, which I'm allergic to. But, despite the bloating, I know Brent and Vladimir still think I"m beautiful."

Oh you would, would you?

She's nuttier than squirrel shit, but she does look better in a bikini than a lot of women younger than her.

I don't know man, she looks like a corpse, and I imagine she doesn't smell too good, kind of like an old lady's closet.

Ew, how old is she? It would be like pulling a grilled cheese sandwich apart.

Shes probably easy because cougars are desperate and shes not all there mentally. But she's a butterface and she's old so I'm gonna have to say no.

So wait, am I the only one who thinks a systematic yeast infection might be a deal breaker?

I concur, I would not have sex with a 50 year old mentally ill woman with a systemic yeast infection.
Oh wait, this is the Internet... so I guess I'd "bang the yeast out of her" or something.

He did say if he were in his fifties.

Cun' Hufton
Nobody cares who you dipshits would fuck. Is this spilling over here because she doesn't allow YT comments?

2 stars because Gabrielle getting the Chris-Chan treatment sort of spoils her charming, sad videos

John Holmes Motherfucker
These five stars are for you.

I'm in my fifties, and I pretty much don't want to fuck anybody, and I don't want to talk about it. It's one of the perks. Maybe the only one.

Reagan wanted to respond the same way but his handlers blocked it.
Oscar Wildcat
Instead, in a "Nixon goes to China" moment, it was left to Anthony Weiner to realize the response.

This is starting to no longer be funny.
It's even less funnier that she's probably happier with her imaginary relationships than most of us our with our real ones.
When was this ever funny? :(
So crazy.
This is by far the most disturbing video on youtube
Jet Bin Fever
No more picking on the mentally ill internet people.
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