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Desc:A movie about a guy lost in the world of dated internet memes. Submitted for pure awfulness.
Category:Trailers, Advertisements
Tags:Internet, youtube, ACTING!, meme, THE PUNCHLINE IS INTERNET
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Comment count is 17
Aw, butts. Sorry. I swear it didn't show up in the dupe checker 8(

This isn't a dupe. The other was a teaser. This actually shows us what the movie (if it can be called that) will be like.

Way to jump the dupe gun, USPS.

John Holmes Motherfucker
This does look like a piece of shit, but now that Tay Zonday, Coppercab, and Boxxy have joined the cast, I'll probably be downloading this illegally if it ever gets made.

I know y'all hate Boxxy, but I luff her, no pedo.
Boxxy's in it? Well fuck, I'm sold!

... pedo. :(

This shit will not be complete shit until Chris Chan gets in.
Fuck you, if it doesn't have Nick Bravo, Chris Chan, or the Tourettes Guy it ain't worth my money.

All in all, it was pretty amusing however.

Spit Spingola

Even though people get exploited all the time, I would imagine the ethical issues involved with some of these cases. The really extreme cases like Chris Chan aren't exactly memes either.

Void 71
I'm suddenly getting nostalgic for all of those Adam Sandler comedies that I used to hate.

If the meme can't be explained in a minute or less, it's out. Chris Chan requires a goddamn encyclopedia.

John Holmes Motherfucker
The problem is that the internet is so sprawling and random that somebody can be a huge fan of Boxxy, and not know who the fuck is Nick Bravo or "Boom Goes the Dynamite". Only the tardiest of btards will get all the references, and if you don't get the references, you don't get it.

Imagine a remake of "Alice In wonderland" populated by internet celebrities and laced with in jokes. So much smarter!

The REAL idiot part of this is that they're trying to secure studio funding for a feature film, instead of a series of YouTube videos. Clearly, they don't know what they're doing.

Chris Chan deserves his own series. No gimmicks, no fuss, just Chris Chan, a show, and anything he wants to do. Maybe work it like the Super Mario Brothers Super Show, only with Chris instead of Cap'n Lou, and MS Paint drawn Sonichu shorts instead of Mario cartoons? They gave Toby Radloff a shot back in the 90s, why not CWC?

As for this, it's not worth my money until Ulillillia, BoomerTheDog, and Magibon are in it.

"Allison has been kidnapped... and it made me feel like A PIECE OF SHIAT!"
I was going to low star this purely out of spite, for proving that one hit wonder internet celebrities should not overstay their welcome, and nothing good can ever come from random idiots (idiots whose appeal derives largely from their candid behavior) who suddenly become self-aware fame whores... but then they made a Web Ring joke. And now I love it.

It's still going to be more painful than Snakes on a Plane.
lol webrings
John Holmes Motherfucker
In 2012 Boxxy, double rainbow guy and some some others appeared at a "pre-production bash" at Comicon. The twitter account for this project recently staggered back to life, It's 2014 and they still haven't shot a frame. This might have made an amusing web series three years ago, but this lunatic insists he's making an epic big screen movie with A list stars like... the black guy from "Chuck" Somebody drive a stake through the heart of this embarassment.
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