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Desc:Because it sounds better than 'Future Racist Right-wing Douchebags of America'
Category:News & Politics, Horror
Tags:Racist, American, white people, CPAC, Not Racist
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Born in the RSR
Oh fer fuck sakes. Define "European" you douche!?

Europeans spent 90% of their history slaughtering each-other! There is no European culture, there are only cultures from Europe?! Do Italians and Greeks figure into your definition of European? How about Latvians? Polish? Romanian? Ukrainian? Albanian? How about the Turks on the western side of the Bosphorus?!

Fuck you! Fuck you, you smarmy cunt!

Born in the RSR
Forgot my stars.

Stars of rage!

I'd love to see this kid go to Europe and try to convince people there that the entire continent has a single shared culture. He'd be dismissed as a multiculturalist left-wing hippie.

Born in the RSR
I would also like to confront this smarmy cunt with this quot from Ben Franklin on ze germans:

"Those who come hither are generally of the most ignorant Stupid Sort of their own Nation…and as few of the English understand the German Language, and so cannot address them either from the Press or Pulpit, ’tis almost impossible to remove any prejudices they once entertain…Not being used to Liberty, they know not how to make a modest use of it…I remember when they modestly declined intermeddling in our Elections, but now they come in droves, and carry all before them, except in one or two Counties...In short unless the stream of their importation could be turned from this to other colonies, as you very judiciously propose, they will soon so out number us, that all the advantages we have will not in My Opinion be able to preserve our language, and even our Government will become precarious."

And he pretty much lost all the National Socialist Ubermenschen at the word "Christian."
Youth for a racist society
wtf japan
You mean the culture founded on shit Plato plagiarized after gallivanting around North Africa that was later preserved by Arab scholars when the "West" got so distracted by a Semitic religion that it forgot how to read?
Scrotum H. Vainglorious
Looks like Goronchev.
Hey remember to not vote Republican guys.
Not all Republicans are like this guy.

Sephirock, you'll go to hell for lying in a way that can't be covered up.

Sephirock: Prove it.

I'm not even going to watch this, but stars anyway for the dear-in-headlights preload image. I'm assuming he's coming up with some off the cuff bullshit "facts" he pulled from Limbaugh's website.
The future of america.
Well, not all of it. Just the southern part.

Probably only the South, seeing as how most recent figures show Caucasian births are in the minority for pretty much the first time ever.

"The thing that pisses off conservatives and libertarians most is the double standards when it comes to race and multiculturalism."

By double standards, he means that there's one in which people support diversity and equality, and another in which white "European" Christian Americans dictate the agenda as God and their superior "culture" (wink) intended. And he's sick of having more than one standard.

The Mothership
I´m guessing he drew that picture in the background himself.
Friday night in the dorms, his roommate was drawing comic book characters. After many failed attempts himself to draw a barbarian chick with huge boobs straddling a sword, he decided he would sketch the official crest of the Hammeraxe Clan. It turned out so awesome that he decided it should have a real-life movement attached to it so the world could see it. But what sort of social indignation could a privileged college-educated white male rail against?...

White powerless.
He really should just say "white".
Nuke it from space.
I made it :17 seconds in.
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