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Desc:Fake documentary trailer for upcoming Deus Ex game. Their marketing department doesnt fuck around.
Category:Video Games
Tags:conspiracy, deus ex, please dont suck
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Comment count is 19
Born in the RSR
Alex Jones just came.
Hank Friendly
replenishing health bar
Obviously you didn't play the leaked preview build. You die after about 3 bullets at normal difficulty and the bar regens very slow. There are still candy bars for hard spots. Don't spite yourself out of at least checking it out, it's more original deus ex that I expected.

I'm still partly convinced Square Enix was behind the leak, because if anything, it's raised hopes and expectations for the game.

Also, having it be a follow-up to Invisible War as opposed to Deus Ex 1 can certainly help is look better gameplay wise

You forgot "fast zombies".

Would you have preferred Helvetica Neue Condensed or Eurostile? Font faggery: where does it end?!

5 stars for white Jax!
These stars are for the massive man nipples @57
Yeah I wanna play this. Audio gets a little Protomen-y towards the end there, eh?
So what's the canon ending for Invisible War? Is it like the first game, where they mashed all the endings into one?
This is actually a prequel, set before the first Deus Ex. The sperging over how it looks more futuristic despite being a prequel is glorious.

Ah, I see. Better graphics are a tool used by transhumanists to lock you into the NWO's global techno-communist agenda.

I'd rather just see the movie
Caminante Nocturno
However, brown people and gays will still exist in the future, so the bulk of the voting population won't be bothered to take action against this.
I'm still excited about this game, which is saying more than every other release save Saints Row 3.
If there is any complaints I must lodge about the game as I saw it, it would be the protagonist voice, the animation (which is a bit stiff and the lip syncing is way off in the prebuild) and the lighting is actually a bit flat and static, though I'm coming off The Witcher 2 and it's damned purdy lights.

It's gonna be a decent game, though. If that first chapter is actually how the rest of the game is and it doesn't just become a typing tutor. Actually, a Deus Ex typing tutor would be fucking sweet.
>protagonist voice
>stiff animation

Sounds like Deus Ex!

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