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Desc:OK, I have to see this movie
Category:Classic Movies, Humor
Tags:80s, cocaine, lee ving, get crazy, electric larry
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Comment count is 14
Do you have something to say, Electric Larry?
Zees ees my magical cocaine bag.

The Townleybomb
Note to youngins-- the 80s were actually not like this 99% of the time!
1% of the time, though, RRAAARAUUUUHHHHHGAHHHH!!!

The Great Hippo
Is there ever explanation in this movie as to who the hell Electric Larry is, or why the hell he's giving out all sorts of drugs?

I sincerely hope not.
Doesn't look like it in the related videos

He seems to be a shamanistic demi-god figure that appears at his peoples time of need to supply them with the right magic medicine or potion to save the day.

It's been a while since i saw it, but not that i remember.

Also, if you haven't seen this go get it ASAP, you haven't live until you see Reggie Wanker having a conversation with his....

Billy the Poet
Excluding Flashdance, you could make a pretty enjoyable film night out of Lee Ving movies. And beer. Lots of beer.

This would have to be on DVD somewhere I would imagine given the quality of these clips and the fact they're widescreen.
Hammer Falls
It is. A quick search came up with at least 8 different places selling it on the first page.

The sellers are almost certainly bootleg CD-Rs. IMDb says there was a widescreen broadcast on cable a few years ago, which is probably the source for the clips and DVDs. Most discussions of a possible DVD point to some issue with the original audio elements being lost/damaged, preventing it from being properly mastered. Also the film was shot open matte and released that way on VHS, so you can convert it to a widescreen version by just cropping the top and bottom of the picture (as would have been done in a theater).

have to see this. now.
hahaha man what the fuck. That coke demon looks like Bootsy Collins??
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