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Desc:Was not expecting that..
Tags:asshole, lick, straight up
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Comment count is 18
We are witnessing the beginnings of a beautiful love story.
And then and then he EATS THE POO POO!
Old People
all over the place, dogg.

I'm fairly positive he read my San Andreas erotic fanfic where CJ goes back to his old hood to bury his mom and all of his friends just try to have sex with him and lick his asshole.
sensitive love

The Mothership
I am on the edge of my seat in anticipation of viewing the response.
This is sort of like when someone leaves facebook logged in and a friend writes a filthy message on their wall, but it turns out it's actually them and there's a video.
You got that granny ass.

Void 71
-5 stars for ruining the impact of this video by censoring the words 'nigga' and 'shit'.
Dread Pirate Roberts
Would also have been better without spoilers in the tag. You know... using the "no spoilers in tags" tag. Yeah.

those words generally not considered kosher for video descriptions as per the site rules in keeping the front page reasonably SFW.

Yeah. Rule 3. I had one of my video titles edited after it went through, and I seem to remember this one used to have those words in the title, while it was in the hopper. Probably the same thing happened.

That's some pretty bold trolling right there.
Caminante Nocturno
Is he supposed to be impersonating John Cena?
Billy the Poet
This kid's got talent.
Jet Bin Fever
damn, the video went private... I guess that makes sense but, I wish there was a dupe up somewhere.
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