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Desc:Looks like they beat Valve in making the Pyro video and are now ripping off names from Starcraft.
Category:Video Games
Tags:pyro, TF2, Team Fortress 2, Final combat, Firebat
Submitted:Hugo Gorilla
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Comment count is 15
This game looks about 10x better than TF2 already.
Looks like they re-used the Fatman/fishmonger model for Firebat's boss. World-class production values!
Maybe the Fatman was actually his boss?

Killer Joe
Nah, fatman wears overalls. Also this guy wears heels when he beats the circus... cat.

The best part is that following a little bit of research, I discovered that just recently they released their game. The problem is that they have only actually coded in the classes they have done the preview videos for, which means that in the current version, there are no medics, engineers, demos, scouts, or spies.

True asian design document right there. Make half a game, and then take people's money for a few months while you slowly pretend to work on everything else.
I just figured it out.

During the "Meet the Rocket" video where you saw nothing but soldiers they weren't trying to make an artistic re-creation of the early TF2 previews. They had literally only coded in the Soldier, so that's what every tester was playing.

This game is hilarious on so many levels.

China: Make half a game, charge full price for it, maybe finish it later.

Bioware: Make half a game, charge full price for it, then charge extra for the other half. Insert dialog every five minutes where characters tell you how great the other half is and how you should download it right away.

Capcom: Make a complete game. Then throw in two new guys every six months and make people buy it again.

Valve: Make 2/3rds of a game. Tell everyone the last third is behind that door. When you open the door, the only thing there is a man with a trombone playing the "whaaa whaaa whaaaaa" sting.

Born in the RSR

This also means that end of "Meet the Medic" where the Heavy killed all those soldiers and climbed the corpses was a direct rebuttal to this game's designers.

Void 71
This game looks more compelling than the average Call of Duty clone. At least they're ripping off a good game.
This game may be a soulless ripoff, but I admit, I liked this trailer.
Very Dayvan Cowboy...I liked it too.

The trailers are decent! Whoever's doing these is at least creating a thing, as opposed to the makers of the game itself.

Jet Bin Fever
Pyro clown walking with a kitten
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