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Desc:The cutting edge of douchebaggery.
Category:Fashion, Classic TV Clips
Tags:MMA, douchebags, tattoos, bromance, the collective
Submitted:Dr Dim
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Comment count is 10
Hell is having to hang out with these guys. This was almost 9 minutes of that experience.

What is it about dudes who put large stock in brotherhood that makes them weak-minded dickholes? I have plenty of male friends who I would dive on a grenade for, but I don't feel the need to tell them that hourly.

Also, for all the talk of babes, I think I saw 3, and 2 of them were in a photograph.
One dude -- who has a total of 4 fights -- last won in 2006 against a guy who is 4-6. The nerdario with the tattoo on his face won his last fight in 2006 against Shannon Ritch, who is 47-73 (that is not a mistake). None of the others have documented MMA fights, though one has a professional boxing record of 0-3.
It's unfortunate that MMA is the biggest douche magnet on earth.

It's certainly hard to argue, and it's one of the main reasons I own exactly one MMA-related piece of clothing (the seriously awesome Korean Zombie t-shirt), but most sports bring out the absolute worst in the absolute worst people. The fans are certainly far worse than the people who actually participate, though, I promise.

Closet gays taken to their mutated extreme.

THAT'S what it looks like. Metrosexual + steroid abuse + Axe body spray demographic.

Guys, just in case you didn't know, Taurus is the bull.
I made it two minutes in, and I like MMA.
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