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Desc:People seem to have been offended by the first clip, which I took as a challenge.
Category:Humor, Horror
Tags:racism, Africa, Ernest
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Caminante Nocturno
This isn't anywhere near as racist as the other one.
Oh yes it is.

To me this one is not so much about Ernest's 'wacky' hijinx as what happens around them.

I didn't see the first one, but I'm unsure of what the racism is here. I see the parodying of an ignorant, racist character (Ernest). The scene, as it is, seems to be highlighting why the audience is to laugh at and not take seriously how Ernest reasons/thinks about the world and other non-whites.

Well this one is a little more subtle and possibly subjective, but let me lay it out for you barebones and maybe it'll pop out like a Magic Eye picture:

1) Ernest comes upon a random village and makes an awkward attempt to greet three African dudes.

2) The Africans immediately decide to dismember him.

3) Ernest, not knowing what's being discussed, spouts some 'hilarious' ignorant gibberish in an effort to communicate.

4) Against all odds this gibberish forms a complete, if confusing, sentence in Zulu.

5) In response to this nonsense statement, the Africans strike Ernest unconscious.

I don't know, it all seems a little iffy to me.

This is the role that gave him cancer.
"Shoo bob do bop, do wop do wap, wang dang shamalama ding dong"
- a (white man) who walked up to me and my friends (black) while we were talking amongst ourselves. Made me feel marginalized, misunderstood, and second class.
I made beats in fruityloops and some black rap guys in the library dug it so I think I can speak as an authority on race.

Mike Tyson?!
I actually watched this movie with a straight laced black family when I it came out. I was in high school.

What a night!
Who let the dogs out? Who? Who?
I need to rent this.
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