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Desc:For America
Category:Military, Humor
Tags:war, fresh prince, soldier, Carlton
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Comment count is 32
The missles put this one over the top.

Also, spoilers in tags.
Spoilers in comments too, but yeah, the rockets make this a five with a favorite.

I like to imagine that his First Sergeant is off-camera, chewing his ass out between :30 and :37.

I know this is going to sound naive but I don't understand how anyone can attack American troops, in every video you see of them they are just a bunch of goofy kids trying to have fun in a hard situation, probably trying to just support their families and make a living just like everybody. If terrorists would just talk to these people I don't think they'd have the heart to attack us like they do.
Replace "American troops" with "Arab people" and turn it around. They're as scared as we are, just a bunch of kids. They have families they're trying to support too. They just don't live here and they have brown skin. I'm not attacking you in this comment, I just want to make it clear that they are people too. If we were told some of the things they're told, and actually believed it, I think a lot of super Christian americans would act exactly the same way. If you were a suicidal youth in a shitty country, would you not blow yourself up, assuming you were told your family would get a bunch of money?

You've seen Collateral Murder right?

Most Afghanis are pretty light skinned, and there are tons of brown (and black!) skinned American troops, many of whom have lived overseas for years. And I'm fairly sure the Qur'an forbids Carlton dancing. But yeah, terrorists are people too!

Thanks, catpenis, for pointing that out.

They probably seem a lot less fun when you see them doing this to your neighbors house.

http://images.usatoday.com/news/_photos/2006/11/29/oxford-larg e.jpg

Not every person in the country your country invades is a terrorist.

Gentlemen, please!
Will someone just teach some Afghans the Carlton so we can all go home?

Hate the game, not the player. Or in this case, the people in charge of the game.

Yah I agree......we should hate the system (aka the "game") and the people running it instead of soldiers like this. Even if he has to shoot someone he's just following orders, and the person who told him to is just following orders, and that person to....all the way up to Obama. But Bushey got us into this mess, but all they're doing is trying to get us out.

Void 71
You guys are totally getting fucked with.

This thread proves that the only problem with the Weather Underground's plan to kill all white babies was a lack of follow-through.

Guys I think what needs to be said here is that the wars in the middle east are obama's fault. I mean, he wasn't even born in this country so why would he care how this whole thing goes down? Also, something about abortion. 9/11 was an inside job.

Catpenis, show me one video of an Arab doing the Carlton.

At best I can refer you to the video of the Afghani person (possibly a terrorist) singing and doing a beat with armpit farts. Type "Afghan Underarm Fart Music" into youtube. It's an old old video but they enjoy farts as much as I do!

The Mothership
You're absolutely right, that does sound naive. Incredibly, mind-numbingly naive.
The Mothership
meant as a reply to Sephirock above.

This was wonderful...

Then I saw a missile fly by in the back ground.

Eye-opening evil right here folks.
I think this is a dupe but also I hate soldiers.
Old People

Scrotum H. Vainglorious
Dildo polisher.



missiles streaking into sky to destroy poor people who have died by the hundreds of thousands LOL I, TOO, REMEMBER FRESH PRINCE
I'm fairly sure they're on a training exercise. No Dirka Dirkas got their shit utterly wrecked in making this video.

But we can always hope.

At least Gommorrah proudly acts like a shitheel for good reasons.

Even wars have their silver linings. Please don't shit on them, however thin they are.

Yes yes and millions of people got their lives destroyed but hey, silver lining! we got a funny youtube out of it

you fat soft bloated sociopath...go chuckle at cat videos, i understand that the production cost of those is less than one trillion usd
And millions more had their lives forever enriched by the coming of Euro-Amerian neo-imperialism, with it's gifts of fast food joints, booze, slutty clothing, and wireless internet so the remaining natives can chuckle at cat videos, too.

Think of the cat videos, Gom. We did it for them.

Jet Bin Fever
This man wasn't singlehandedly responsible for the war. He's probably a fun kid with a family and not too much opportunity, that's all. I'm not going to vote down this video because some evil assholes in Washington sent him there.
One of my childhood friends came back from Iraq seriously fucked up.

My father is an Air Force Colonel, my grandfather a Colonel in the Marines. My uncle was at Kaisan. That didn't work out too well for him. My mom's cousin's Tomcat is on top of the USS Midway. He's a general now. He tells me the last generation of human pilots have been born. Anyway. Military family.

I grew up an Air Force brat, with my father telling me ' never join the military. War is different now.'

This actually worked out fine because I preferred LSD, punk and gay sex.

Anyway my friend comes back totally brainwashed and I'm troubled by this.

My father tells me that's how my friend is supposed to be. We don't want our soldiers asking questions. We want them taking orders. It's not their fault if their orders are fucked up. They shouldn't be fucked up. That's why we need good people in charge of these kids who make this profound sacrifice, either by choice or circumstance.

But the war is fucked up I tell my dad. What about Alan?

"I don't know."

I remember watching kids like Alan salute my father.



five for evil.

five for awesome.

Jet Bin Fever
Thanks for your comment though, my man.

***** mr.buns

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