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Desc:This game is actually pretty fun.
Category:Video Games, Sports
Tags:Atari, ninja, golf, Atari 7800
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Comment count is 7
Would love to see a modern sequel to this.
Yah I would play one with better graphics but this looks like it sucks donkey balls.

ninjers and their nine-irons
Wonko the Sane
That's a hell of a water hazard
Void 71
I just did a search on this game and it turns out that these guys went on to make a bunch of decent-to-great Genesis games, including Shadowrun and Vectorman. They also handled a really good port of Starflight.

So THAT'S how you make golf entertaining.
Jet Bin Fever
Now if only Tiger could get a dragon with a magical scroll to appear with that message, maybe he'd stop trying.
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