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Desc:These images are too important not to be shared.
Category:Religious, News & Politics
Tags:hand, proof, reptilian, rupert murdoch, Murdoch
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Comment count is 4
Well if anyone really is a Reptilian, it's Rupert Murdoch for sure.

I still want to know where conspiracy nuts get all their creepy music.
I guess all old people with old people hands are reptilians?

What makes you so sure that they aren't?

This just proves it. The Illuminati engineered the London Riots in order to deflect scrutiny away from the growing Murdoch scandal. They knew that sooner or later, unless the sheeple got distracted by a "bigger" story, we would discover that Murdoch is a Reptilian.

Pants, shmants. That's a Reptilian claw if I ever saw one!
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