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Desc:according to Dutch news commentary
Category:News & Politics, Science & Technology
Tags:gravity, netherlands, Americans, slide, seething hatred
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Comment count is 14
Great, I have a new fetish now.
Some Americans are fat but I think they're just jealous that our country is always the one the comes up with ideas like this one.
They're not using slides out of lazyness, Its just more fun.
Thanks for pointing out the joke there, sarge.

I'm a Petty Officer.

Caminante Nocturno
You're a brony officer is what you are.

Oh, I'm sorry, is the nation of potheads calling us lazy?
For you.

Ik begript u neet
Oscar Wildcat
If they don't like our obese commuters, imagine what they'll think of our personal injury lawyers!
Being that I am one of only 12 remaining intelligent Americans, this set off my bullshit detector. Via YT comments:

"The subtitles are made up. Sorry for Americans who felt insulted.

This is the real translation (admittedly less juicy):

Quickly reaching your platform at a very crowded station, this is now possible in Utrecht. Fun for kids, but also for commuters in a hurry: the 'transfer accelerator' -- as its been called officially -- not by walking stairs, but by sliding down. Girl: (indistinguishable). Anchor: The slide has also been set up to make the notorious neighborhood more pleasant."

Dinkin Flicka
I bet you're fat, aren't you

Jet Bin Fever
YES, there are only 12 of you! That's why you've got enough time between problem solving far too complex for the rest of us to post on a site that has funny cat clips and people getting kicked in the nuts.

Corpus Delectable
Um, obese Americans would just get stuck at the top of the slide?
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