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Desc:If these fine gentlemen survive this year im going to become a creationist.
Category:Horror, Stunts
Tags:fire, very bad ideas, brotastic, poor mans tibet
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Comment count is 15
"Stand there for a minute"
The Mothership
Way to pour gasoline in the creek, ass.

Retards, that looks dangerous.
Hmmm I'm not sure if it is really that dangerous since they don't posture around with their pants on fire, they just leap straight into a river or whatever.

Pretty lame to be honest.

Yeah, Hardcore Burning Slip'n Slide Guy would eat these pansies for breakfast.

Robin Kestrel
There really wasn't any nutshot in this one, though.
I used to do this in my apartment with my best friend, although, to be honest, we used Grand Marnier and our bare hands instead of gasoline and water.
Stars for the corgi flop at the end.
That is some mighty existential boredom right there.
At least they thought to stay next to a body of water.
Fire boner at 1:11
Oscar Wildcat
Despite setting themselves on fire, the boys were crushed when the tea party rebellion they planned failed to get off the ground. "I don't understand it", Billy Bob said, "it worked in Tunisia..."
I like how when his friend is on fire, he tells him to go ahead a burn for a minute, but when a block of concrete still has a little gas to burn off it's "DUDE! HEY! PUTTHATOUTPUTTHATOUT!"
American Buddhists just don't get it...
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