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Desc:The effects budget was not high.
Category:Classic TV Clips, Classic Movies
Tags:CATegory, yay cats woooooo, bad cg, sci fi channel, sabretooth
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Comment count is 25
Er. That looks like storyboarding.
Dread Pirate Roberts
It's like they blew all their money on the real sabertooth, and then figured out they were missing a shot. In desperation, they had the sound guy's uncle's friend do this Poser.

I dunno, that statue looked like gold to me. It was gold colored, and gold is definitely gold colored, so job well done.
Caminante Nocturno
There are several flaws in this clip.
Hubba Bubba Nightmare
There are several claws in this clip

There are several clips in this flaw.

There are several flips in this claw.

There are several claws in this flip.

Flip a flap and club a claw, I'm flunking claps and fucking clips.

Wonko the Sane
No way that's up to code
So I says, look buddy I says, ya building can't support a giant gold cat statue wit' a buncha loose parts wobblin' off it. Goddamn tail shakes in the wind! So he was all IT'S A SABAAAHTOOOOTH and I was all THE FUCK DO I CARE I LOOK LIKE THE CAT POLICE, almost popped him one right there swear ta god.

But anyways so he slipped me a stack and I called it a night.

Jimmy Labatt
See, this scene works because you THINK the real tiger is going to kill him but HOHO NOT SO FAST it's the fake one that does him in. Well played, George Miller. Well played.
Dinkin Flicka
M. Night Shyamalan wept

Jimmy Labatt
Spirit stars for you good sir.

different George Miller

How did the real sabretooth not break through that flimsy ass door and padlock? It's like you could stop him if only you had the right amount of time and duct tape.
Jimmy Labatt
It's best not to think about such things. Just let it go, son.

Cat's going to tell this story later and none of the other smilodons are going to believe him.
there ARE no others....now

And he's going to finish the story, "Totally worked just like I planned."

hey you remembered to tighten the tooth on the statue right?
So had they already blown the budget on the real sabretooth when it came time to make the giant golden one?
Not bad, but I could have used more shots of the tooth starting to come loose before it fell.
What, no sarcastic "cat got your tongue?" pun? For shame, Scifi Original Movie.
I'm pretty sure cats don't have heat vision.
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