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Desc:This guy's channel has a ton of full, well subed eps
Category:Video Games
Tags:Out of this World, victor, GameCenter CX, Arino, Other world
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Comment count is 13
I seriously doubt he's saying anything about a punch card.
I'm kind of glad i never played this back in the day, i wouldn't have progress from the first screen.
PROTIP: You can kick the slugs.

This just makes me sad that the second Retro Game Master game is never coming to the US... cool to see them planning the first though.
All this talk from the Internet about how we need good games and no one bought Retro Game Master.

This was one of my favorite games of all time. The only downside was the overly long, boring cave. Let's plop you into a fast paced game in a beautiful alien world, then have half of it take place in a cave!

Flashback never did it for me. It's like they decided that the immersion and atmosphere of OotW needed to be toned back and made more like every other sidescroller.

The guy did another game called 0n Escape or something. It seemed like a cool mix of Flashback meets Bladerunner with OotW's atmosphere, but within the first 5 minutes they dump you into a cave maze and I quit.

So uhhh...ditch the caves and you'd have the best games ever.
I suggest trying Heart of the Alien if you enjoyed OOTW.

Man, I loved Flashback. Any time I hear music that sounds even somewhat similar I get nostalgic chills.

OOTW was good, Flashback was excellent.

Caminante Nocturno
You're all wrong and terrible people for liking those games.


I thought OotW was pretty ambitious but I didn't like the play control at all.
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