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Desc:It is a calm and quiet weapon
Category:Science & Technology, Horror
Tags:russia, tsunami, Vladimir Zhirinovsky, Condoleeza Rice choking on Russian sperm, Super Villain
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Oscar Wildcat
Dude needs to slam his shoe on the table if he wants to kick it old skool like that.
Void 71
I like how he threatens the world with artificially generated tsunamis if they don't play ball with Russia.
Ionospheric manpulation.

That is to say it has been subtly suggested that there's a correlation between seismic activity and the behavior of the magnetosphere. Magnetic reconnection is somewhat influenced by the state of the ionosphere.

So is that what he's alluding to?

Possibly, I don't know. Nothing surprises me these days.

Burnov, how do you so consistently manage to be the stupidest motherfucker on Earth?

this reminds me. I picked up a copy of some great books at a yard sale recently, one of which was "Wilhelm Reich and Orgonomy: The controversial theory of life energy." It was one of those "holy shit - am I actually seeing this?!" moments. I snagged about 12 paperbacks for 4 bucks. I should have just bought the whole box, whatever the price.

Born in the RSR
How is this man not locked up in an insane asylum?
Born in the RSR
Ok, on closer inspection I get it. Apparently he's a clown , representing a far-right political party that is actually a puppet of the leading political party meant to discredit any opposition as "far right wacko fascists". Clever boys.

I hope to god that's the case. This man should be no where near the levers of power.

Apparently the most votes he's ever gotten is 23%....which is still a frighteningly high number.

Great love for this.
I love the woman's smirk throughout this
It was astonishing how he built himself up to that from a question about importing wine and the WTO.
Syd Midnight
More like vodka and the WWE.

Abstract Fainter
His tie gets looser throughout.
Ah yes, China. One of the four great capitals of the world.
Rodents of Unusual Size
I could sure go for some Russian Tsunami Wine right now.
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