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Desc:I defy you to find a more all-encompassing example
Category:Classic TV Clips
Tags:wrestling, cyndi lauper, hulk hogan, andy warhol, joe piscopo
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The Mothership
No spoilers in tags? This started out as 4 star material but the incredible succession of special guests was the best surprise.
I think I saw Olivia Newton-John, George Schultz and Strawberry Shortcake lined up in the hall outside the door. Each one was eager to describe this particular professional wrestling match as "wild".

"I can't seeuhm mai fwend goin douwn, dey wuh dey wuh defuwintwee out dare! I mean you eva see peepa doubateamin I had twoubuh tonight Gene. I had twoubuh in a mahch wi Wendy."

I love you, Cyndi Lauper.
One year later for Wrestlemania 2 they got Susan Saint James and Elvira.

So, that's something.
I was doubtful until Michael Jackson showed Ronald Regan his complete collection of Smurf, Happy Meal toys.
Who knew the Hulk was into the Shocker. He just throws it around like it's no big thing.
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