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Desc:The man who brought you the Mini Cannon is back with something more... medieval.
Category:Science & Technology
Tags:cute but deadly, mini crossbow, all i want for christmas
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808 BEATZ.
Seriously guys. This is a song you picked? It sounds like a terrible demo song on ReBirth, but ReBirth sounds better than this, so that's a bad comparison.
cool water sandwich
"most fabulously armed in the gay club 2011"

Jet Bin Fever
There's a mini crossbow in this video that shoots tiny nail arrows at great distances and speeds. They could be playing Drowning Pool and it wouldn't matter.

The different kinds of ammo really set this one apart from other miniature crossbows.
The Mothership
The crossbow was originally the weapon of the masses untrained in the customs of chivalry, and would never have been clad in gold and silver.

But who gives a fuck, this thing is cool as hell.
You may be thinking of the longbow. Crossbows were expensive to make and needed a trained operator. In battle, they were employed mainly by highly trained and well-equipped mercenaries (eg the Genoese at Crécy). Otherwise, it was a popular hunting weapon for the aristocracy. Surviving late medieval examples are often elaborately carved affairs with ivory stocks inlaid with gold and silver.

The Mothership
You are not incorrect, but my point stands. Yes, anybody using an early crossbow would have to be skilled in its use, but there are numerous examples of complaints by aristocratic, mounted knights that these commoners with their bolts could take down a rich, 'chivalrous' knight with relative ease and from a distance (Joinville, par example), as opposed to capturing him for ransom, which was far more civilized.

As for deluxe examples that survive, you are right, and this is to be expected. Very few cheap n' dirty weapons are with us today, even though they likely made up the vast majority of weapons on the field. Over time as well-to-do mercs and other fighting men who came from the lower gentry engaged in the European wars of the 14th and 15th centuries, certain weapons would have been specially made with precious metal accents and such.

Finally, despite the relatively high initial cost of the machine and the fact tat crossbows require training to operate, but they are a far easier weapon to master than a longbow. It takes years of training to be a really sharp archer, but you can train someone to be pretty proficient with a crossbow relatively quickly.

Caminante Nocturno
If you were a mad genius out for revenge and one of your intended targets played a lot of Warhammer, this and the tiny cannon would be a great way to kill them.
When I in 2nd grade I bought a tiny pencil sharpener shaped like a cannon.

A week later I discovered a hidden feature. There was actually a breech you could pull back to insert a piece of pencil lead into the chamber. Let go, and the spring would send the lead shooting out across the room. The lead was small enough that no one would see it in flight, and there wasn't any throwing to give you away.

Best toy I ever had.
Old People
I had the exact same toy. I used it to shoot Satish Venkat in the kneecap back in 6th grade.

On behalf of Satish: Fuck you man.

Count von Blofeld's secret backup weapon.
Aim directly at the eyes, the groin of the head.
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