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Desc:And if you don't like it, that's too bad
Category:Educational, Humor
Tags:awesome, physics, nobel prize, lecture, Richard Feynman
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Comment count is 9
This is how I feel about the nonexistence of free will.
I knew you were going to type that, precisely when you did, and the fact that you'd pick those particular words in that precise order.

Lets not forget the exact keyboard and monitor he was using. The location as well.

Yep, and the nonexistence of the personality, the past, the future, God, justice, and sentience.

With a powerful enough computational device, and the necessary information (all the positions of every atom and sub atomic molecule in the universe and all of their various interactions), yes, you could know that ahead of time. I defy you tell me otherwise.

You wouldn't be able to calculate beyond the light cone due to the limitations of the speed of light, and every time a particle changes position its state in state of states resets to a completely different set of calculations. Such a device is impossible to build in the universe and can only, but not necessarily, be the universe itself.

That and you're talking about measuring the state of energy of the universe we can perceive and interact with, which is .04% of the energy density of the universe.

I honestly can't tell if you guys are trolling me by being sarcastic because you think I'm fundamentally wrong, or if you agree with me and are just ribbing me for fun.

Here's the first part of his Auckland lectures. There are five parts and they're all over an hour long. Great for a really boring afternoon like mine:
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