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Desc:And we've got the annnotations to prove it!
Category:Religious, Science & Technology
Tags:Big Bang, atheist experience, annotations, god of the gaps
Submitted:Space Helicopter
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The Great Hippo
I really loved Carl Sagan's point on the whole ridiculous First Cause issue--if God created the universe, and nothing created God because God is eternal, why just not skip a step and say the universe is eternal?
Except if M-Theory is true, then there's infinite dimensions which allow infinite possibility for God to exist.

Not everything is possible tho. Given an infinite number of dimensions, I feel confident in saying that not a single one is a banana pudding dimension.
I don't know if god is impossible, but I expect that in bringing up M-theory the problem is just shifted to who made all the infinite dimensions. No godlicker is gonna be satisfied licking one of an infinite number of gods.

Why do they bother debating callers like this?

People like this can hold a rose in their hand and maintain its an elephant, and they will do so gleefully, clearly, quickly, without hesitation, and eternally. They will take their worthless assertions about reality to the grave and no amount of actual reality will ever change that.

So what the fuck is gained by these thirteen minutes? They should have moved on after two or three minutes.
I believe a delightful sense of superiority may have something to do with it.

They just like fucking with them.

Trying to talk sense into people who might be just one click away from getting it. You never know until you talk to them.

Dillahunty used to be a believer, he knows firsthand that a person can kick the Jesus habit. I get a sense he's trying to encourage the caller to think, and I give him credit for patience.

The guy who's not Dillahunty is far less persuasive.

It's for the people watching who just avoid thinking about why they believe, not for the crazy apologists.

Plenty of people of faith think a lot.
Don't be ridiculous.

6:33 Is this guy calling from the Matrix? Holy shit.
These annotations reek of a first year philosophy student.
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